What compelled me to start this business? Here’s my story:

December 2016, while in Sydney for Jorja’s karate tournament, I discovered an amazing product called Bamboo Charcoal.

There were a number of sales stands at the tournament, ranging from karate products, massage therapy, chiropractors, and health supplements. The Bamboo Charcoal stand really stood out to me, as this was something quite different to anything I had seen before.

As my parents happened to be in Australia, and were coming to watch for the day, I was even more interested at the thought that these products might help my Mum, who has lived with constant back pain since she had her tailbone removed in 1979 and has trouble sitting for long periods of time. We asked to borrow a seat mat for the day to try it out, and wow – my Mum was able to sit for 3+ hours watching, without the usual pain and need to stand up and change position.

She bought 6 of them! 1 for each of her children (one of which is me!), and one each for herself and my dad. My dad (usually a skeptic) also bought a pair of bamboo charcoal socks, to try out, as he had been limping due to very sore feet, which he attributed to stone bruises. He wore them to bed that night, had a restful sleep, and the next day, was able to walk around without pain – it was incredible.

Often because of my gardening life, I have various aches and pains, so this discovery was very exciting to me, and I am happy to say that the bamboo charcoal seat mat that my Mum bought for me has been wonderful. I am not a scientific brained person, and I am happy to try things without knowing ‘how’ they work, but rather choosing to experience things, and decide for myself if something works for me, so I have at various times placed the mat over parts of my body that have been aching, as well as sitting on the mat when resting (drinking coffee in the morning!), and aside from my aches improving after short periods of time, what I feel is ‘comforted’. I can’t explain this other to extend from that, and say it helps me relax, and also energises me.

To recharge the product, simply place in the sunlight for an hour or two once a month, or more often depending on how much you are using it. I can ‘feel’ when my products need re-charging!

Longer story short, I am very happy to announce that I am now the NZ distributor for the products! For further information on Bamboo Charcoal (including the scientific stuff!) please check out the About Our Products page.